electrical safety & Engineering Solutions

Electrical safety services

We collaborate with our clients to bring over 30 years of engineering experience to tackle any design project.

  • Ground Bond Testing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Risk Assessments
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Short Circuit Current Analysis
  • Time Coordination Curves
  • Incident Energy Mitigation
  • Electrical Rated Glove Testing

Product & ENGINEERING Solutions

Traditional fuses and circuit breakers ARE NOT designed to provide protection from arc flash hazards!

P1 Arc Flash Relay IS designed to keep your employee safe:

  • Always on – Always available
  • Detects light and current from an arc flash event
  • Can trip in as little as 17 milliseconds
  • Reduces arc flash incident energy to less than 4 cal/cm2

P1 Arc Flash Relay IS designed to keep production running 24/7

  • Externally mounted and provides remote monitoring
  • Single phasing cannot occur
  • Does not affect the coordination with other overcurrent protective devices

We also offer engineering services to help design, manage & install your next project